WW archive > Issue 848 - 13 January 2011


Scab stab; Nothing wrong; Depravity; Guilty fascists; Rule of iron; Trust; Nuke refute; Free speech; Obsessed

Wider and deeper

On Sunday January 12 around 150 student activists attended the fifth London Student Assembly at the University of London Union. Ben Lewis reports

Against the politics of purity

There is certainly no way around Labourism, argues James Turley

Getting our priorities right

Seven CS comrades respond to James Turley and Manchester comrades

Bank on us

Robbie Rix says some extra online donations would come in very handy right now

Students debate the Labour Party question

We give three Communist Student positions

More glasnost, less perestroika

Maciej Zurowski interviews Circles Robinson of 'Havana Times', a web magazine that features critical writing from Cuba

No support for Labour, no support for LRC

Four comrades argue against the CS EC decision

Not in capital's interest

Knowing the price of every commodity without knowing the worth of life's essentials is the essence of capitalism, writes Jim Moody

Extended rally gives leadership free rein

The central committee brushed differences under the carpet at the Socialist Workers Party annual conference. James Turley reports

No change, no hope

Jim Creegan reports on Barack Obama's surrender to Congressional Republicans and the renewed ruling class offensive following the Democrats' defeat in the US mid-term elections

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