WW archive > Issue 842 - 18 November 2010

After Millbank: the way forward

Communists have no truck with cowardly and hypocritical condemnations, writes James Turley


Eye-witness; Left lessons; Not cynical; Damn lies; Populist; Gay marriage; Flame-fanner; Anarchist guide

Clutching at straws

The Respect Party is looking for a revival of its flagging fortunes through the election of George Galloway as an MSP. Peter Manson reports on a low-key conference

Overwhelming case

The case for supporting the Weekly Worker is overwhelming, says Robbie Rix

Joke at your peril

Jim Moody asks if the courts have undergone a humour bypass operation

From Stalinism to social democracy

Chris Gray reviews Brian Hanley and Scott Millar's 'The lost revolution: the story of the Official IRA and the Workers Party' Penguin Books 2010, pp601, GBP9.99

Reliable, rigid, straight, and determined

Arthur MacManus's opening address at the first CPGB congress

Good, bad, and middling Trots

Voting in the election to replace Derek Simpson as general secretary of Unite the Union ends on November 19. Gerry Downing reports on the attacks on the Jerry Hicks campaign from supporters of left bureaucrat Len McCluskey

Blaming unemployed for sin of unemployment

The coalition government's 'welfare reforms' are a direct attack both on the jobless and on the working class as a whole, writes Eddie Ford

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