WW archive > Issue 841 - 11 November 2010

Dances with scabs

In this final article, Mike Macnair draws some conclusions from the history of Trotskyist entry into the Labour Party


Unlikely bedfellows; Out of the box; Rights for jobs?; Denied equality; Combine or die; No to leaders

The lying game

Yes, Phil Woolas lied through his teeth - but they all do, including the Liberal Democrats. Eddie Ford looks at the Oldham East ruling

Sanctions take their toll

Yassamine Mather calls for international solidarity with Iranian workers

The two souls of socialism

Trade union politics was the main dish at Socialism 2010, the Socialist Party's annual school. James Turley reports

Poll tax reminiscences

Maciej Zurowski finds that SPEW just cannot seem to get the actual Labour Party out of its head

Budget crisis deepens

Double standards need to be challenged by the left in Ireland, writes Anne Mc Shane

Rehabilitation, not punishment

Communists are vehemently opposed to any prisoner being disenfranchised, writes Jim Moody

Through the eyes of an SLP leftist

Scepticism about communist unity in The Socialist

Capitalism cracked

Andrew Coates reviews John Holloway's 'Crack capitalism' Pluto Press, 2010, pp320, £16

Testing the link

Robbie Rix says we have to step up the pace over the next couple of weeks

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