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Self-serving; Inherent?; Red Ted RIP; Left options; Growth ideology; No alternative; Abbott bad; Grandiose; Petty bourgeois; USPD and KPD

Farewell to Ted

Robbie Rix reports that donations to our fighting fund totalled a mere £80 last week

'Surfing rabbi' wheeled out

The October 24 English Defence League march to the Israeli embassy "in solidarity with Israel" was virtually ignored by Unite Against Fascism. Maciej Zurowski reports

Top-heavy anti-cuts rally in Swansea

Eight comrades from the audience were only allowed a minute each, says Gareth Phillips

In, out, shake it all about

How did the far-left policy of Labour Party entry develop? Mike Macnair looks at the changing attitudes of British Trotskyism

No united front here

Unfortunately for Clegg, Osborne has not managed to get away with it, argues James Turley

Debating transition and neoliberalism

Nick Rogers outlines two key differences with the perspectives of the CPGB's Draft programme

Imperialist crimes exposed

Rather than democracy, the US/UK-led invasion and occupation of Iraq delivered a bloodbath. Eddie Ford looks at the Wikileaks revelations

Adding a new dimension

Yassamine Mather of Hands Off the People of Iran is standing for the STWC steering committee. This is her election statement

Workers' protests continue despite pension law vote

Mass conflict is leading to broader political conclusions, reports Jean-Michel Edwin

Let Hopi affiliate

The leadership of the STWC not only divides the anti-war movement, but risks discrediting it and making it appear ridiculous, writes Mark Fischer

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