WW archive > Issue 837 - 14 October 2010


Hard off; Sarcasm; What pace?; Decolonise; Misreading; Get stuck in; Petty bourgeois; Refresh; Poor form; Staring

Crisis, debt, and cuts

Yassamine Mather reports on the recent seminar organised by the Centre for Socialist Theory and Movement. The contributions of Christine Cooper and Hillel Ticktin were of particular interest as they tried to answer the difficult question of why governments are set on imposing austerity and savage cuts

Lessons of Lenin's 'Left-wing communism'

Those who don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past are obliged to study the past. Jack Conrad argues that the Lenin of Russia remains highly relevant for the tasks of today

No national solution

Anne Mc Shane reports on the new wave of austerity being unleashed in Ireland

For services rendered

The Nobel peace prize is awarded to those deemed to be an asset to imperialism, argues Eddie Ford

Little democracy on display in Ed's Labour Party

Jim Gilbert discusses the new shadow cabinet and demands a greater role for the NEC

Another good week

Finances grow with organisational strength and commitment, writes Robbie Rix

The history boys

We need to go beyond liberal criticisms of Tory and neo-Liberal views of history, writes James Turley

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