WW archive > Issue 823 - 24 June 2010

Reclaim the game

A festival of sporting genius, or an incitement to chauvinism? James Turley looks at the contradictions of the football extravaganza


Own hands; Sexist clichés; Budget attacks; Transitional; No bridge

War on the working class

The 'nasty medicine' served up by George Osborne and the coalition government will provoke resistance and pull the Labour Party to the left, predicts Eddie Ford

Socialism is a form of class struggle

Why can't the proletariat abolish capitalism immediately on taking power? The answer lies in the need for transition, argues Mike Macnair

Homer's 'Iliad' and 'Odyssey' in social and historical context

Chris Gray concludes his study of Homer's world-shaping epic.The full version will soon be available from the CPGB website in pamphlet form

Tusc agrees to limp on

The Socialist Party in England and Wales still pretends its electoral coalition will spawn a new workers' party, reports Mark Fischer

Truth still hidden

Anne Mc Shane examines the failings of the Saville inquiry into the Bloody Sunday killings

Voting - present and future

The electoral system we demand under bourgeois rule is not connected to the forms of democratic decision-making we advocate for the future communist society, argues Moshé Machover

Labour Party and communist strategy

Is there space within Labour to struggle for democracy and a left revival? Peter Manson reports on the CPGB debate

Fantastic start

Howard Roak looks ahead as we square up for two months of hard work

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