WW archive > Issue 82 - 16 February 1995

Stuff the market! Nurses and teachers fight back!

United action will send the government running for cover


Too generous?; Cuban Thatchers; Direct recall; Stuck in a jam

Law and order pays dividends

Republican activist, Eddie Copeland, was shot twice by Trooper Andrew Clarke who opened fire on unarmed mourners

Russia abolishes death penalty

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, February 19 1920

Minister rats on Major

Tale of two factions

Business has faith in Labour

A life of poverty: what kind of future does decaying capitalism offer them?

Yeltsin on the ropes

Czar Boris teeters as ‘left’ alliance takes shape

Mexican hot house

Tories regain power in Brent

South African rulers need new Slovo

Fighting fund

Phil Kent reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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