WW archive > Issue 813 - 15 April 2010

Obama's healthcare triumph is a con

Jim Creegan looks at the devious manoeuvring carried out by Obama and the Democratic leadership


Let's talk; Misunderstood; Marx misquoted; In the dark; Regroupment?; Any master; Why stand?; Unity of what?

Sects and 'new left' disillusionment

Mike Macnair reviews P Blackledge, N Davidson (eds) 'Alasdair MacIntyre's engagement with Marxism: selected writings 1953-1974' Brill (Historical materialism series), 2008, pp443, £89

A taxing dilemma

The dispute over taxation shows the bourgeois establishment's poverty of ideas, argues James Turley

Keeping quiet on party politics

Dave McAllister reports on the Saturday April 10 demonstration against cuts

Accountable to their party

All three mainstream parties promise voters the power to recall their MPs. Jim Moody looks at the details

Campaigning in South Wales

Bob Davies finds the SWP declining to do Tusc work, while the excluded CPGB is actively working in the campaign


Robbie Rix is reasonably pleased with the way April's fighting fund is progressing

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