WW archive > Issue 81 - 09 February 1995

No speed ups No job cuts

Latest for the axe are teachers’ jobs. A limited pay rise will be accompanied by education cuts, forcing job losses and increasing an already high workload. Teaching is already one of the worst professions for stress due to overwork and restructuring. But making fewer workers do more work for less pay is a trend that goes right across the board


Who, me?; Diverse mix; Stalin fan club

Performance-related profits

Running for profit

Mexican house of cards teeters

Zapatistas took up arms against the results of Nafta, but workers unity across North America is needed

Cuba - the candle that yet burns


Towards the Communist Party

From an interview published in The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, with Albert Inkpen, the party’s general secretary, February 12 1920

Loyalist socialist?

Anti-racism charter calls for state bans

Militant hushes up election stand split

Beating them at their own game

An article in Socialist Worker (January 28) criticised Bill Morris and the Transport and General Workers Union leadership in the Badgerline bus dispute in Chelmsford for appealing to public opinion rather than for solidarity action - a well know bureaucrat’s cop-out. But it particularly criticised the free bus service the union was running. We spoke to Bill Horslen, one of the sacked workers and a Labour councillor, about the dispute and how the bus service can be used to gain solidarity action

Gesture politics

M77 dead end

Royal Mail attacks right to strike

Fighting fund

Phil Kent reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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