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Forever Upward; Conventional; Anti-imperialist?; Distasteful; Better out; Open letter; Proportionate; Michael's right; International

Joe Glenton and the popular militia demand

Individual defiance is laudable, but more is required, argues Eddie Ford

March 8

On International Women's Day, women were at the forefront of the fight against the Islamic regime, writes Tina Becker

Reactionary realignments and a left in crisis

Ben Lewis reports on the latest CPGB aggregate, where discussion of the looming general election dominated the agenda

The politics of bribery

The Tories are showing themselves up as the party of corruption, says James Turley

Vetoes and three-minute decision-making

Domination by trade union bureaucrats, no time to debate or discuss politics, and the attempt to cover up social democratic politics with Marxist excuses. Peter Manson reports

University fightback

Keith Gray reports staff and student opposed to budget cuts at the University of Sussex

Prepare carefully for fresh action

Dave Vincent fears that the PCS NEC has backed itself into a corner

Extraordinary double-act of Noam Chomsky

When the brain reached a certain level of complexity or when a mutation took place in the genetic instructions it received, the facility for language was installed. This is the myth which suited both the US military-industrial complex and Chomsky's anarcho-syndicalism. Chris Knight examines the paradox

Witch-hunt cannot be stopped by judges

Carl Chater exposes Prentis's union bureaucrats' collusion with employers


Robbie Rix reminds us that a tenner each from a dozen appreciative readers would help no end

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