Hopi week of action

Reports from England, Wales, and Ireland by Ben Lewis, Dani Thomas, and Anne Mc Shane


Friday February 22 saw a successful gig in Stoke Newington, north London, organised by Hands Off the People of Iran. Boredom Riots, Egg Timer and Technosapien entertained a merry crowd and helped us raise over £110 for Workers Fund Iran.

The next day, Hopi comrades organised a solidarity stall in Trafalgar Square together with comrades from the March 8 Women’s Organisation (Iran-Afghanistan). Together we gave out Hopi postcards, talked to many people about current developments in Iran and publicised the March 7 International Women’s Day march which Hopi is co-sponsoring. We are hoping to make the stalls a weekly occurrence and to organise monthly gigs.

If you would like to help organise this vital solidarity work, then get in touch via office@hopoi.org.

Ben Lewis


On Saturday February 20 comrades in Cardiff were on the streets to support the Hopi week of action. Among the normal glut of evangelists and chain store promotional campaigns on Queen Street, comrades with Hopi leaflets, petitions, badges and a collection can made a surprisingly positive impact.

On a busy shopping day, with most people making a beeline for the supermarket or fashion outlet, cash was raised for the campaign, constructive talks were had and many signatures were collected in support of Hopi’s principled approach.

After a promising day, plans are now in place to continue with more regular work in both Cardiff and Swansea.

Dani Thomas


Hopi Ireland held two successful events last week to commemorate the 1979 revolution and build solidarity with the Iranian democratic and working class movement.

On Saturday February 13 activists held a street stall in Cork. We distributed literature and signed up dozens of new supporters. Then on Friday February 19 we had a film night with a showing of Persepolis and some first-hand accounts from Iranian activists.

Nasim, who took part in the 2009 demonstrations in Iran, spoke of the bravery of the people who took to the streets. She described the shock of those around her as state forces opened fire, indiscriminately killing and arresting activists. Many ordinary protestors now face serious charges of anti-state activity for taking part. A significant number are still in prison and most have no money for lawyers to represent them. Nasim said she was determined to do all she could to bring the situation in Iran to the attention of workers in the west.

Another activist, Parvaneh, had visited Iran recently. She described a very highly charged atmosphere. People are frightened, but also very angry. They want an immediate end to the theocratic regime and its replacement by a secular and democratic state. She bemoaned the lack of organisation on the ground and said that people are desperate for real leadership against the regime.

There were a number of questions and contributions and the event helped give an insight into the living struggle in Iran. We also raised €50 for Workers Fund Iran, to assist prisoners and their families.

Hopi in Cork has other activities in the pipeline. We will be taking part in International Women’s Day events on March 8 and are also planning more film nights and street stalls.

To get involved, contact me at anne@hopoi.info, or on 086 234 3238 or via www.hopi-ireland.org

Anne Mc Shane