Supplement our income

Robbie Rix asks for some financial support

For the third time in the space of a few weeks the Weekly Worker carries a pull-out supplement. We believe our Draft programme is of central importance for the entire left and we call upon all sincere communists and revolutionary socialists to engage with its content.

But supplements cost money - not only for extra printing, but in postal charges too - this week they are almost twice as high as usual. That is why we would ask all readers and supporters to help us meet those extra costs by sending in a donation to our fighting fund.

This week four comrades did just that. TR sent his usual £60 cheque, while both JU (£25) and SC (£20) also contributed generously. Then there was comrade PB, who added a fiver to his resubscription.

Over the last seven days I have received exactly £100 in standing order gifts - thanks to all concerned. But there were no donations via our website, I’m afraid - despite the fact that no fewer than 15,354 readers logged on to cpgb.org.uk.

So we have just £371 towards our £1,250 target, which means we are well behind where we ought to be, especially considering that this is a short month.

So come on, comrades. Help us cover our extra costs. Now more than ever we need to make the full target every month.