WW archive > Issue 804 - 11 February 2010

Left unity should be a top priority

Tusc poses the necessity of a Marxist party, not a Labour Party mark two, writes Peter Manson


Policy demands; Everything; Disservice; Disrepute; Direct justice; Anti-Semitic?; End detention; Moron Chomsky; Bonobo ideas; Befuddled; Marxist fact; Neo-Stalinism

Supplement our income

Robbie Rix asks for some financial support

Symptom of democratic deficit

For recallable MPs on a worker's wage, writes Jim Moody

Socialist Action relegates solidarity

Tony Greenstein gives his view of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign annual conference

Motherhood and apple pie

Laurie McCauley reports on last Saturday's surprisingly positive conference of leftwing student activists

Oil-slick divisions

International Marxist Tendency has suffered a damaging split. Not a new phenomenon, notes James Turley

Left in Die Linke loses its Bonaparte

The resignation of Oskar Lafontaine is a serious blow to the German left party. Tina Becker reports

A reminder

The disgraceful role of Campaign Iran, outlined by Tina Becker

Right to a dignified life - right to a dignified death

The comfort and self-respect of the incurably ill and the dying must be ensured, writes Eddie Ford

Left Platform lines up with Moussavi

The Reesites no longer peddle the line that Iran is a democratic country. But despite Lindsey German's resignation from the SWP, their support for the 'green movement', including the butcher Moussavi, shows that the comrades still have not learned what principled international solidarity is, says Tina Becker

SUPPLEMENT: Third programme of the Communist Party of Great Britain

This is the Draft programme of the CPGB as agreed by the Provisional Central Committee. It will be put before a special conference of CPGB members before the end of 2010. Comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome

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