WW archive > Issue 803 - 04 February 2010

Anti-Marxist myth of our time

Chris Knight examines Noam Chomsky's 'scientific' fairy tales about language and its origins


Big brain; Sex hypocrisy; Paper round; No religion; Good guy; Kit off; Smear

Honesty and narcissism

James Turley looks at Tony Blair's performance before the Chilcot enquiry and the futile search for a smoking gun. Britain's alliance with the United States is the real culprit

New target success

Robbie Rix has some good news on January's Fighting Fund

Why we should not call for jailing of Tony Blair

To effectively oppose imperialist wars we must avoid the trap of legalism, argues Ben Lewis

Sacked workers step up protest

Workers are resisting attempts to make them pay for dismantling the state's tobacco monopoly. Esen Uslu reports

Sects and fronts go round in ever diminishing circles

Dave Isaacson argues for a united revolutionary student organisation

Iran: prospects for the left

Anne Mc Shane reports on a successful meeting in Cork, and looks forward to the February 13-20 Week of Action called by Hands Off the People of Iran

Socialist Action and the PSC

Ahead of this Saturday's Palestine Solidarity Campaign AGM, Tony Greenstein of Brighton PSC argues that Socialist Action is leading the movement nowhere

Latest 'united front' launched

Chris Strafford reports on the 'Right to Work' conference

Us and them Britain

Two recently published reports have served to expose the true nature of Britain today, writes Eddie Ford

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