WW archive > Issue 802 - 28 January 2010

Demonisation by deranged media pack

Eddie Ford argues against the demonisation of children


Joker; No cuts; River to sea; Eco-reaction; Oil-track mind; Not thinking; Acting up; Split ends; Renegade; For dummies; Straw man sex

A real united front could organise unemployed

Mike Macnair takes a looks ahead to the SWP's 'Right to Work' conference

Support the Hopi week of action!

Chris Strafford calls for mobilisation, and reports Campaign Iran's rebranding

Dawkins and Dennett defended

Bob Potter takes issue with Jack Conrad and dismisses primitive communism as make-believe

Some thoughts on the proposed charter

Ben Lewis welcomes the initiative of Communist Workers of Iran and offers some fraternal criticisms

Obamalaise hits home

James Turley looks at the first year of the Obama presidency

£183 in three days

Robbie Rix calls on internet readers to get out that little piece of plastic

Communists meet to debate perspectives

What will be the outcome of the left's intervention in the general election? Should the CPGB downgrade the printing of the Weekly Worker in favour of an increased web presence? Laurie McCauley reports on the CPGB aggregate

Who broke it, Cameron?

David Douglass points the finger at Thatcherism and New Labour

Lessons of the NUWM and UWC

Mark Fischer takes a look at the National Unemployed Workers Movement and the Unemployed Workers Charter

There is a duty to form a vanguard party

An organisation called Communist Workers of Iran has produced this document, entitled 'Proposed charter for a party of the working class'

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