Robbie Rix thanks our online donors, and looks forward to more

A couple of donations received via our website to report this week. Coincidentally both are full of praise for the “excellent Kautsky translation, which is incredibly valuable”, in the words of comrade TP, who also commends us for our coverage of the “whole SWP debacle”.

She rewards us with a very nice £25, while comrade JF is even more generous - he thinks last week’s Kautsky supplement is worth £30, also donated via PayPal. (Talking of our website, by the way, the number of online readers is continuing to edge its way up, with 16,773 being recorded last week.)

We also received a kind gift from comrade LR, who has not only started a monthly standing order for £10, but has thrown in a handy £15 cheque to get the ball rolling! Then there is the batch of already existing standing orders that have been transferred into the Weekly Worker account totalling no less than £345 over the last seven days.

All that comes to £475 received since I last wrote this column, which more than doubles our total for January’s fighting fund, to £907. As I wrote last week, I have every reason to be confident that we will reach our new monthly target of £1,250 - we still have 10 days left to raise the extra £350 we need.

So let me thank all those who gave this week - and add an anticipatory ‘thank you’ to those who are about to do so!