WW archive > Issue 801 - 21 January 2010

Quake: no act of god

Millions around the world were appalled at the death and devastation in Haiti. James Turley puts the calamity into context


Funny jive; Base motives; Already renegade; Not Leninist; Sex and power; Infantile; Here and now; Green bubble

Will left go on the offensive?

Dave Craig considers the prospects for the Republican Socialist Convention


Robbie Rix thanks our online donors, and looks forward to more

For left unity

An open letter to Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition from the CPGB

Johnson's bans are an attack on us all

Oppose the ban on Islam4UK, writes Eddie Ford

In the very fabric of art

In his rejection of practice that prioritises cooperation over competition, Hans Werner Henze conspires with a system he claims to oppose, writes Gordon Downie

Taking Labour seriously

The Labour Representation Committee has just published a list of Labour candidates that it will be actively supporting in the coming general election. It is a starting point, argues Ben Lewis

No more proscriptions, bans or secret cabals

The CPB has pulled out of Tusc, reports Peter Manson. Where does that leave the coalition?

Ecology and economism

Ben Lewis reviews Martin Empson's Marxism and ecology: capitalism, socialism and the future of the planet Bookmarks, pp32, £1.50

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