A lot to find

Robbie Rix explains why we need to raise our monthly target

In view of a number of increased costs incurred by the Weekly Worker over the recent period, we have decided to raise our monthly target to £1,250.

This extra £250 is, admittedly, in excess of the additional costs, but if we can reach that target on a regular basis this will allow us, for example, to publish more supplements, such as the excellent new Kautsky translation and commentary carried in this issue.

And I must confess to a certain confidence in being able to do so. After all, for most of 2009 we easily reached the £1,000 we were aiming for, mostly thanks to the level of standing orders we have won from our growing band of supporters. Some of them have been relatively modest, such as JS’s £5, which came through this week. But JS is a student, so it is still a lot for him to find.

The standing orders transferred into the Weekly Worker account over the last seven days amount to £182, which means our total for January stands at £432. Unusually, however, we received not a single donation either through the post or via the website - despite the fact that the number of visitors to cpgb.org.uk is once again on the rise (last week there were 16,406 of them).

So let me appeal to those online readers once more: how about showing your appreciation for all the good things in this paper, not least this week’s fascinating supplement.