See you January 7

Robbie Rix looks forward to a successful end of the year

Hopefully we can end 2009 by once more reaching our full £1,000 fighting fund target. And we are on track to do that, thanks to some handy donations received over the last week.

Amongst them is a total of no less than £202 in regular standing orders - thanks to GD, RDG, DW, AM, SP, MKS and JD. Then there was a nice £20 handed over to one of our comrades by JG, who comes up with an occasional very welcome contribution to our fund. Plus the £7.37 (!) described as “loose change” by comrade JS - although I have to say that it is very unusual for such an odd amount to come our way via an internet credit card gift! Presumably the comrade’s bank balance now ends in a nice round figure.

Not that I’m complaining. Why would I? After all, he was the only one to use our PayPal facility - the only one out of 14,240 readers!

As for the other 14,239, you have another two weeks to make amends. And we could do with your help. Don’t forget, the post will be very erratic for the next couple of weeks and we could do with a few of you to follow JS’s lead. Although not necessarily giving the same amount!

Well, this is my last column of 2009. Next time you hear from me, I hope I will be able to report the successful fulfilment of our December fund. Have a good break and see you on January 7.