Email thought crimes and the Left Platform

The SWP central committee has made its intentions regarding the opposition Left Platform crystal-clear, writes Peter Manson. John Rees, Lindsey German, Chris Nineham and their supporters now look set to be charged with 'factionalism' and expelled

In the third and last of the Socialist Workers Party’s 2009 Pre-conference Bulletin (also known as the Internal Bulletin - IB No3), which has just been published, the final contribution to this 96-page document is that of the CC itself, entitled ‘With democracy comes responsibility and accountability’.

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Great ignorance; Iron laws; Past it; Greek party; Closed borders; Paradise; No green; Nationalisation

Make a federal republic fifth option

The question of Scottish independence is not going to go away, writes Sarah McDonald

See you January 7

Robbie Rix looks forward to a successful end of the year

There is no Planet B

Copenhagen saw the ongoing face-off between the US and China, writes Eddie Ford

Corus ructions

Steve Cooke reports on steel job losses in Redcar

A nail in the Zionist coffin

Tony Greenstein reviews Shlomo Sand's The invention of the Jewish people Verso, 2009, pp313, £18.99

Union bosses refuse to fight

Irish trade unions are tied to the establishment, writes Anne Mc Shane

Public-spirited marching and the anti-system threat

James Turley looks at the mixed messages from the media about the Copenhagen demonstrations

Church attempt to re-invent is an insult

Anne Mc Shane looks at the beleaguered Catholic establishment

Origins of religion and the human revolution - pt1

Jack Conrad gives his assessment of some of the main theories and asks what apes can teach us

Fighting over the corpse

As the two wings of the regime continue to squabble, write Chris Strafford and Yassamine Mather, the opposition movement grows in radicalism and confidence

Origins of religion and the human revolution - pt2

Jack Conrad gives his assessment of some of the main theories and asks what apes can teach us

Common struggle required

The year is coming to an end amid great uncertainty, reports Esen Uslu

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