WW archive > Issue 793 - 12 November 2009

Workers gain new courage

Iranian demonstrations have given a real boost to working class opponents of the regime, writes Yassamine Mather

Towards an election coalition

November 7 saw the latest in what now seems to be an annual conference on working class political representation, organised by the RMT union. Peter Manson reports

We won’t pay for their crisis

Anne Mc Shane reports on a meeting that could be a spark

Regime’s most persistent opposition

Ali Pichgah is a veteran of the Iranian oil strikes of 1979-81, when he was a representative of the Tehran refinery workers shora (council) on the National Shora of Oil Workers. He spoke to Yassamine Mather about the current situation in Iran

Soviet 'planning' and bolt-on democracy

SPEW's Socialism event had a session on Stalinism's collapse. Mark Fischer points out what it represents for Marxists

Get the troops out now

Eddie Ford examines why UK politics now questions troops being in Afghanistan

Confident and boasting of growth

The Socialist Party in England and Wales held its annual school, Socialism 2009, on November 7-8. Tina Becker reports on the opening rally

Marxist party or Labour Party mark two?

SPEW's Socialism event had a session on young people. Laurie McCauley reports and asks what politics the working class needs

The working class intellectual and the apparat

James Turley offers an appreciation of the life of Chris Harman, 1942-2009

Militants condemn sell-out

Abandoning postal strikes in the run-up to Christmas is at best mistaken, writes Jim Moody

Nationalist common sense

Nick Rogers attended the No2EU session at SPEW’s Socialism event

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