WW archive > Issue 791 - 29 October 2009

What kind of landmark?

Is StWC’s leadership being courted? Caitriona Rylance attended its latest demo

Timely questioning of no-platform fetish

James Turley sees SWP politics reduced to ultra-shrill self-parody

Post workers and students unite

Building solidarity in Manchester. Chris Brandler reports

Triumvirate’s reorientation faces Left Platform rebellion

The SWP leadership around Martin Smith has retrospectively formulated its differences with deposed leader John Rees. Peter Manson examines its downgrading of ‘united front work’ and undemocratic obsession with secrecy

Looking to 2010

Mohsen Sabbagh reports discussions on the Labour Party, postal workers, and students

AfPak strategy brings new disaster

It has been total war for civilian non-combatants, writes Jim Moody

Second-rate response to second-rate führer

Communists have no desire to sign up to the bourgeois consensus, writes Eddie Ford

Royal Mail’s assault and our political tasks

As expected, attempts to broker a deal between Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union have been unsuccessful. Mike Macnair examines why Royal Mail, encouraged by the government, has been determined to push ahead with confrontation, and looks at the implications of this decision

London support

Paul Demarty reports a postal workers solidarity meeting

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