WW archive > Issue 787 - 01 October 2009

The 'new Indian' tiger

On October 6, the winner of the Man Booker prize will be announced. All but one of the shortlisted works are 'historical fiction'. Last year, however, the winning novel was set in present-day India - 'The white tiger' by 34-year-old Aravind Adiga. Mike Belbin weighs up its appeal to UK judges and asks whether or not it does credit to the 'new India' of technological and cultural advance

You couldn’t make it up

With the general election now, at most, seven months away, what is happening with left unity projects? Peter Manson surveys recent developments

Lions led by donkeys

Matthew Cobb, dubbed an anti-communist by the Morning Star, examines the contradictory role of the French Communist Party during World War II

Assassination as a political weapon

Matthew Cobb describes an ultra-loyal PCF squad that killed imagined 'traitors'

Rooted on campus

Communist Students have been winning supporters at freshers fairs Chris Brandler reports from Manchester

Threats over uranium enrichment aid regime

Ahmadinejad uses the ‘enemy without’ to justify increased repression, arrests and the torture of the ‘enemy within’, writes Yassamine Mather

Writing on wall for Brown

Brown's primary objective at Brighton was to present himself as the saviour of capitalism, writes Eddie Ford

Success poses new questions

With an astonishing 11.9% of the vote at the September 27 national elections, the German left party Die Linke now has 76 members of parliament. Tina Becker reports

Anti-BNP class-collaboration

The left’s spluttering response to Nick Griffin’s invitation to appear on Question time reveals a floundering political strategy, argues James Turley

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