WW archive > Issue 782 - 27 August 2009

Obama’s reforms -inadequate and unfair

Healthcare is a long-running sore on the US body politic, writes Eddie Ford

Ideological pigeonholes

Dave Osler reviews Ervand Abrahamian’s A history of modern Iran (Cambridge University Press, 2008, pp224, £14.99) and Anoushiravan Ehteshami and Mahjoob Zweiri’s Iran and the rise of its neoconservatives (IB Tauris, 2007, pp215, £20)

Misogynist torturers cling to power

Workers are growing in confidence, reports Yassamine Mather

Richard Hunt was not just a statistic

John Jo Sidwell recalls a well intentioned and honest young man

Most successful school yet

Peter Manson reports on a week of debate, learning and comradeship

What sort of party and how to get to it

The final session of Communist University featured a roundtable discussion entitled ‘Capitalism’s crisis and how we should organise’. There were four introductory speakers

Polling day quagmire

James Turley calls for troops out of Afghanistan now

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