WW archive > Issue 778 - 16 July 2009

More than a temporary electoral alliance needed

We should settle for nothing less than a single, democratic-centralist, Marxist party, writes Peter Manson

Freedom for the Uyghurs

Eddie Ford calls for self-determination and the voluntary integration of peoples

Useful dupes

James Turley calls for a stand against oppression, exploitation, and the imperialist order

Class struggle of miners illustrated

David Douglass reviews Peter Arkell and Ray Rising’s Unfinished business: the miners’ strike for jobs 1984-85 Lupus Books, 2009, pp96, £7.99

Forty years since first moon walk

Was going to the moon the greatest event in world history? Jack Conrad argues that the left would be mistaken to fall for the hype

Equipment row must not divert growing opposition to the war

Jim Moody sees a danger of opposition to the war in Afghanistan merging with the way that war is waged

Yes to Democracy workers’ party

Dave Craig of the Socialist Alliance gives an assessment of the impact of No2EU on the left

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