WW archive > Issue 774 - 18 June 2009

Egg on whose face?

Jim Moody argues that the left’s current ‘anti-fascist’ pose has nothing in common with Marxist politics

No reason to vote Labour

James Turley agrees with offering No2EU conditional support but criticises the PCC’s call to vote Labour

Against sectarianism

Nick Rogers argues against the CPGB’s tactics for the June 4 European elections. There should have been an unconditional call for a No2EU vote

Bureaucratic centralism lives

The SWP democracy commission was a sop offered to a membership demanding greater democracy. But the June 7 special conference agreed only tinkering, cosmetic changes, writes Peter Manson

A revolution portrayed

Sarah McDonald reviews David King's Red star over Russia Tate Publishing, 2009, pp352, £25

Little monument to stoic heroism

David Douglass reviews Hywel Francis's History on our side: Wales and the 1984-85 miners’ strike Iconau, 2009, pp117, £9.99

Real winners are elsewhere

Assaf Kfoury explains what the Lebanese elections are and what they are not

Mass protests in Iran: Death to the Islamic Republic! Victory to the Iranian people!

The dramatic events in Tehran and other major cities following the June 12 presidential election in Iran are clear manifestations of the anger and frustration of the majority of Iranians with political Islam, writes Yassamine Mather

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