WW archive > Issue 771 - 28 May 2009


Volte-face; Workers' designs; Transparent party; Spoiler; Surprise; Class criteria; Door stepper; Revo-fantasy

An 'industrial campaign'

John Moloney is a member of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty and the Independent Left group within the civil servants' union, the PCS. He won 11,547 votes in the deputy general secretary election, and was only narrowly beaten by Hugh Lanning (13,755). This healthy vote was won despite the fact that his opponent had a wide range of support from more influential trends in the union, from the soft left over to the Socialist Party and Socialist Workers Party. Mark Fischer spoke to comrade Moloney about this result and how communists should operate in the trade union movement

Our flag is not red, white and blue

Jack Conrad surveys the confusion over No2EU and flipping from auto-Labourism to auto-anti-Labourism

Concentration camp hell and Tamil rights

Jim Moody finds incoherence and obfuscation on the Sri Lankan left over self-determination

I'm against it, but

Peter Manson spoke to two leading No2EU candidates who were prominent in the Lindsey oil refinery dispute.

Self-determination is not an abstract principle

Tony Greenstein responds to Jack Conrad and calls for a public debate

Strategy and tactics

Jack Conrad shows that tactics must constantly vary if strategy is to advance

Left under threat

Dave Vincent reports on the left-dominated PCS annual conference, but warns of a possible rightwing revival

No2EU fails the test

Peter Manson calls for a Labour vote on June 4

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