75 years

Nineteen ninety-five will see the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of Great Britain. The Weekly Worker republishes what was making the news in the revolutionary press this week in 1920

From The Call, weekly paper of the British Socialist Party, January 15 1920

A VERY successful conference of shop stewards was held on Saturday and Sunday, January 10 and 11, at the International Socialist Club, East Road, London.

Comrade A McManus presided. Nearly 80,000 members were represented at the conference.

The chairman in his opening address expressed sympathy with the revolutionary movement in Russia and elsewhere, and declared: “If the opportunity comes for revolution we are going to take it.”

A resolution of congratulations to the Red Army on its magnificent fight against capitalism was carried without discussion amid great enthusiasm. The conference further decided to affiliate to the Third International.

... Trade unionists were urged to instruct their delegates to the Trade Union Congress to declare for a general strike to force the government to stop all forms of intervention in Russia ...

Greetings were sent to “our comrades in Ireland wishing them speedy victory for self-determination and freedom from British oppression”.