WW archive > Issue 769 - 14 May 2009


Dots and crosses; Book plug; Race confusion; Cheap sub; Not listening; Nasty; Shake-up

Nationalist mire

Chris Strafford finds No2EU being touted among the far right by members of the Socialist Party

New generation

Ben Lewis looks forward to Communist University 2009 (August 8-15, south London)

Confusion and ambiguity

For or against immigration controls? For or against withdrawal from the EU? British jobs for British workers? A London meeting of the No2EU campaign further highlighted the confused political nature of this rotten electoral bloc. Tina Becker reports

Contradictory results in factional jockeying

Dave Vincent warns that the right is close to regaining control after a poor turnout in the PCSU elections

Fight for Marxism in the unions

Should we simply vote for the most militant fighter for wages and conditions in union elections? Ben Lewis argues for a more political approach

Victims of the 'war on terror'

US fears of the Taliban getting its hands on nuclear weapons could lead to another Indo-Pakistani war, warns Jim Moody

Scams, yoghurts and loopholes

James Turley explains that taking a worker's wage is not a moral commitment, but a thoroughly political one

The debate on Israel-Palestine assessed

Comrades on the left have been given an object lesson in how important political differences should be handled, says Jack Conrad

Yes to internationalism, yes to republican democracy

Peter Manson argues for a vote for No2EU - provided its leading figures can shows us they are opposed to little British nationalism and favour republican democracy

Reformists no alternative

We stand firmly on the side of the secular movements, writes Darya Homan

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