WW archive > Issue 767 - 30 April 2009


"˜Jewish nation'; Targeted; Dad's army; Completely wrong; Revising history

Murray's bullshit and bureaucratic manoeuvring

Stop the War Coalition voted to maintain the ban on Hands Off the People of Iran. Peter Manson reports

Apologia and controversy

SWP actually aids the imperialists, writes Ben Lewis

Israeli aggression and 3D politics

The elections to the Knesset (Israeli parliament) held on February 10 are said to have resulted in a substantial shift to the right; and the government sworn in on March 31 has been described as the most rightwing in Israel's history. This is true only in part, write Ehud Ein-Gil and Mosh� Machover

Students need Marxism

Communist Students puts forward the only politics that can emancipate humanity. Chris Strafford reports

Imperialism's Afghanistan legacy

Jim Moody reviews The great game (directors: Nicolas Kent and Indhu Rubasingham) : Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn until June 14

Parent power and working class resistance

Sarah McDonald reports on a campaign that has spurred people into taking direct action

Budget: spinning, not turning

Capitalism is in decline. If anyone doubts it, the budget should persuade them, writes Mike Macnair

STWC fudges over genocide threat

James Turley calls for a serious treatment of the national question by the left

Radicalisation grows in leaps and bounds

Protests and strikes are breaking out across Ireland in response to the government's attacks, reports Anne McShane

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