Fighting Fund

Simple truth. Robbie Rix reports

Thanks in no small measure to the usual batch of standing order donations received at the start of each month, our April fighting fund has got off to an excellent start.
   Over the last seven days £148 has been paid into the
Weekly Worker bank account in extra SOs, including £40 from SM, who, as previously reported, has increased his commitment by an extra £10. The total also includes £20 from comrade CG.
   On top of this I also received half a dozen cheques - not least one for £50 from comrade RG. Then there was £30 from PP, £20 each from FG and SW, and a tenner from JK. All told, we have £278 towards our £1,000 monthly target.
   Readers may have noticed that I have not mentioned anybody donating via our online PayPal facility this week. There is a very good reason for that: nobody did! This despite the fact that we had 13,576 internet readers last week.
   Which all goes to show how far we still have to go to persuade all those people that production of the Weekly Worker
has to be paid for, even though, unlike some, we have never charged visitors to our website for reading it. The most important thing for us is spreading our message - we are confident that we are right, especially when it comes to our central message: the working class needs a single, Marxist party based on genuine democratic centralism. It is a simple truth, after all.
   But our paper is produced by a team of dedicated comrades who devote very many hours and very many pounds of their own money to its production. So let me appeal again to those 13,576 readers: don’t take us for granted - do your bit to ensure that the
Weekly Worker not only continues to come out, but continues to improve in quality.