WW archive > Issue 764 - 09 April 2009


Withdraw; Laughable; Our industry; Mistakes; Wikipedia wars; Revo

Fighting Fund

Simple truth. Robbie Rix reports

Austerity and corruption

Yassamine Mather calls on the left to boycott the presidential and parliamentary elections

G20: desperate exercise in spin

The optimistic notes sounded by world leaders after the G20 summit ring hollow, says James Turley

Turkey at the crossroads

After the Obama visit Esen Uslu examines the various pressures on the AKP government

Off the streets

Mike Belbin reviews Laurent Cantet's The class (on general release)

Kettling and the right to freely demonstrate

Police thugs randomly search and brutalise G20 protesters. Chris Strafford reports

Parliament, politicians, porn, pigs, and the people

Scandals involving Jacqui Smith, Tony Macnulty, and Geoff Hoon are just the tip of an iceberg, says Ben Lewis

SACP looks to new Zuma era

With the April 22 election looming and Jacob Zuma finally free of criminal charges, things seem to be going to plan for the South African Communist Party leadership, writes Peter Manson

Marxism and the inequality of nations

Mike Macnair analyses 'world-system' theory and looks at Boris Kagarlitsky's attempts to overcome its weaknesses with his analysis of Russia

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