Bus strikers sacked

ON NOVEMBER 18 last year, Eastern National, a subsidiary of privatised bus giant, Badgerline Holdings, sacked 96 bus drivers from the company’s depot in Chelmsford. The drivers were sacked for taking part in a few hours of strike action in protest at excessive working hours, which the drivers felt were posing a serious threat, not only to their own health and safety, but to the safety of the travelling public as well. The company refused to enter serious talks.

On December 17 a rally was organised in support of the sacked drivers. Over 350 people marched through Chelmsford. Reps from different bus companies around the country turned up to give support. Officials from the Transport and General Workers Union spoke, giving full support to the sacked workers, which now number 105, and also pledged to step up national support for their case.

Ken Reid, regional secretary of TGWU called for funds, and for the public not to travel on Badgerline buses.

Ally Hedley