Fighting Fund

Help us out

With just three days to go before the end of our February fighting fund, we have only £834 towards our £1,000 target.

That means we need comrades to make use of their credit cards, combined with our online PayPal facility, to ensure we continue 2009 as we started it - in the black. Please ensure your donations reach us by Sunday March 1. I cannot stress enough how essential it is that we make the full target every month.

This should be more than possible, especially when you consider the number of internet readers we attract on a regular basis. Last week no fewer than 20,372 people read the Weekly Worker on the CPGB website, but only two - VD (who added £25 to her subscription) and OP (who donated £15) - helped us out financially.

In addition, we received cheques from comrades IJ (an excellent £40), JM (£10 added to his sub) and JF (£15). Then there were the extra standing order donations of £30 from GD and £10 from DO. Thanks to all.

But that only amounted to £135 received over the last seven days - and now we need at least another £166 in three. Please help us out, comrades. Either send us a cheque by first class post straightaway or - by far the speediest way - go to www.cpgb.org.uk with that little plastic card.