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Iran analysis; Disarmed; Coal frustration; Donations; Vote AWL?; Sex alternative; Information; Mistaken; America

Pilot becomes hijacker

Torab Saleth, a participant in the 1979 Iranian revolution, charts how ayatollah Khomeini rose from obscurity to lead the anti-shah mass movement and come to power in a counterrevolution

Darwin's revolution

This year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin and the 150th of the publication of his seminal On the origin of species by means of natural selection. Huw Sheridan looks at its importance for communists

Crisis makes itself felt

Irish working class moves into action. Anne McShane reports

Sanctions are a form of war

This is an extract from a discussion document prepared by Yassamine Mather and Mark Fischer for the February 28 steering committee of Hands Off the People of Iran. Hopi is launching its anti-sanctions campaign in the House of Commons on March 16

Fighting Fund

Help us out

Principled political artist

Edward Upward 1903-2009 was at the forefront of literary innovation and also a committed communist, writes Lawrence Parker

As ye sow . . .

James Turley examines the unravelling Stanford affair

Radical politics of Marxism

Laurie McCauley is standing for president of Sheffield University Student Union, where elections are about to begin. This is an abridged version of his manifesto

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