WW archive > Issue 756 - 12 February 2009


Degradation; Half-baked; Materialist; Bravo; Chauvinist; Misleading; Shocking; Gaza solidarity; Polar; Give me space; Radical hat; Elephant room

Union-bashers target lavish lifestyles

How should the left respond to media claims that 'fat cats' can be found beyond the ranks of capitalists and bankers? Alan Stevens looks at the contradictory social position of the trade union bureaucracy

Fighting Fund

Fill the breach

Proud as punch

David Douglass reviews Brian Witts's Enamel badges of the National Union of Mineworkers Orphans Press 2008, �33

Islamic revolution or counterrevolution

On the 30th anniversary of the Iranian revolution, Torab Saleth examines its historical roots

Everything to play for

Jean-Michel Edwin examines the New Anti-capitalist Party

Abstention or intervention

After the victory by the Lindsey wildcat strike, James Turley draws some lessons

Workers told to share pain

As the Irish economy goes into free-fall, the government has turned on the working class. Anne McShane reports

Justice and shame

Jim Moody reviews The reader (dir: Stephen Daldry, 2008), on general release

Keeping Hopi out - in the name of unity

Nicholas Jones reports on the February 7 meeting of student activists called by the Stop the War Coalition

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