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History; Peak oil; BNP switch; Impure; Boycott; Premature; Naive; #1 terrorist; Riot act; NPA warning

Die Linke loses king-maker role

January 18 saw one of the hardest fought federal state election campaigns in Germany's recent history. For months, the question of who would govern Hesse with its six million inhabitants (and its capital, Frankfurt) made big waves across the whole country. At the centre of it all was the young left party, Die Linke. Tina Becker reports

Revolutionary traditions and realities of power

Barack Obama invokes the traditions of the first and second American revolutions and the 1960s civil rights movement. As Ted North shows, this has created huge popular expectations

Mass movement erupts

Simon Wells, Dave Isaacson, Sachin Sharma, Steve Cooke, Jamie Tedford, James Turley and Anne McShane report on the local protests

Zionist imperatives and the Arab solution

There is a way out of the hell to which the Palestinian masses have been consigned by Israel. Jack Conrad outlines a communist approach

Burnt by mendacity

Dave Isaacson reviews Mark Steel's 'What's going on?' (Simon and Schuster, 2008, pp252, �12.99)

Socialism excludes minority rule

'Blanquism and social democracy' is a June 1906 polemic against Georgi Plekhanov, 'father of Russian Marxism' and Menshevik leader, taken from Czerwony Sztandar, paper of the Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania. It continues our series of Rosa Luxemburg's previously untranslated writings

Fighting Fund

Growing pool

Gaza exploited by theocracy

Yassamine Mather exposes the Ayatollahs' empty posturing

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