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The upsurge against the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza has also produced an increase in support for the Weekly Worker. On the January 10 London demonstration, for example, a total of £67 was donated specifically to the paper, most of it in extra pound coins, but a few £5 notes too.

Similarly there has been an increase in readership - 23,523 read us online last week. Only two of all those thousands gave us a donation, though - our thanks go to SE from the Czech Republic, who contributed a fantastic £60 via PayPal, and to PL, who gave us £30 by the same method.

We also received cheques for £60 from TR and £50 from JH in the post - more brilliant donations. Then there were the additional standing order payments this week which amounted to a further £44. All in all, our January fund has increased by £311 over the last seven days. So our total, with half the month gone, is now £608 towards our £1,000 target - pretty good going.

In truth the coming period promises to be one of excellent opportunities for communists. We have written much about the revival of interest in Marxism generated by the economic crisis. Then there is the current revival of the anti-war movement. The two need to be married together - there is, after all, a direct link between capitalism’s cyclical slumps and secular decline, on the one hand, and the tendency to war, on the other.

The working class and anti-war movements need a paper that stresses the solution: organisation. In particular the type of organisation that virtually the entire left rejects in practice, if not in theory - a Communist Party.

Robbie Rix

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