WW archive > Issue 752 - 15 January 2009


Backbone; Blurred; No sect; Proud; Split personality; Rotten elements; Reality; Stop Hamas

Fighting Fund

One solution

Gang of three scuttle

The SWP annual conference saw the total collapse of John Rees and his 'war' on the central committee. Peter Manson reports

Chartering wrong course

RMT conference fails to raise its vision beyond another halfway house, reports Will Pragnell

Commander in chief

As George Bush hands over the reins of power, James Turley looks at what to expect from the new man

Marching for Gaza

Chris Strafford reports on last weekend's demonstrations. Additional reporting from around the country by Tony Greenstein and Mohsen Sabbagh

A single bullet

Ted North explores the background to unrest against a state regarded as endemically corrupt

Return of Star wars?

Dave Lynch examines recent tussles between traditionalists and reformers in the Morning Star's CPB

Strike on? Maybe

Union corruption leaves bus drivers adrift, writes AJ Byrne

Rosa Luxemburg - in her own words

Ben Lewis introduces what is to be a short series of newly translated articles

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