Fighting Fund

Make it two

Congratulations to all those readers who rushed in their last-minute donations, ensuring we comfortably made our £1,000 target last month. In fact we ended with £1,130.

Thanks, first of all, to comrade WK, who gave us a handy £40 cheque; and to JH, DA and VB (via PayPal), who each contributed £20. Then there was £15 from comrade HT, a first-time contributor from Scotland, £10 donations from KL (also via PayPal) and HG, plus a fiver from FT, which he added to his subscription, and £4 from PL. On top of this we can count £67 in extra standing orders.

An excellent outcome then - but unfortunately, while I don’t want to dampen the celebrations, not enough to make up for the deficits of the two previous fighting funds - we need the full £1,000 each and every month. Also, I have to remind comrades that the Christmas break will have the effect of reducing considerably the time available for raising that amount in December.

Once more, the main area where we could do with pulling in more support is amongst our internet readership. Last week there were 19,142 visitors to our website, but just the two donations. If just one in a thousand of those readers left us £10, we would be close to making the full amount every month! But for now I am concentrating on this month. Get your Christmas gifts in early and help us make it two in a row!

Robbie Rix

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