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Oil workers in the Iranian revolution

The oil workers' strike of 1978 and early 1979 played a crucial part in the overthrow of the shah's regime in Iran. On the 30th anniversary of the strike we publish a translation of an interview with Ali Pichgah, one of the founding members of the oil workers' shora (council) who later played an important role in the first major oil strike against the Islamic republic government. Comrade Pichgah is a supporter of Hands Off the People of Iran

Left unity - at what cost?

Parti Socialiste leader Melenchon aims to be new Mitterrand, writes Jean-Michel Edwin

Fighting Fund

Make it two

Schools for communism

Throughout the 20th century the best communists were respected by their colleagues for their work in trade unions, writes Mary Godwin

Fellow travellers of statism

Mike Belbin reviews Paul Flewers's 'The new civilisation? Understanding Stalin's Soviet Union 1929-1941' : Francis Boutle Publishers : 2008 : pp390 : �12.99

Mother of all splits looms

Lindsey German has declared 'war' on the SWP central committee majority, as John Rees prepares to fight back. Peter Manson reports on the burgeoning crisis

A revolution made in England

Jim Moody reviews 'The Devil's Whore' tx Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9pm, Channel 4 and online (1), writer: Peter Flannery; director: Mark Munden

PCS left backs off from strikes

Dave Vincent calls for joint action with other unions

What next for CMP?

We need to campaign for an international communist party, writes Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group

Time to move on

Closure of the Campaign for a Marxist Party is not an end, but a new beginning, writes Mark Fischer

'Third period' pains

Lawrence Parker, writer on the revolutionary oppositions within the post-war Communist Party, debunks one of the more absurd myths about today's CPGB

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