WW archive > Issue 745 - 13 November 2008


Only racists; Old trick; Lessons; Two tactics; Multipolar; Pointer; Blame game; Monster; Book burner

Whinging, wheedling and whining, the AWL ducks out

The AWL has run a mile from a debate with the CPGB on the prospect of an Israeli attack on Iran and accused us of cowardice! Mark Fischer sets the record straight

Dead Russians and a Welshman

Sections of the left increasingly regard the Communist Party of Britain as a prospective alliance partner. Lawrence Parker wonders why there is a renewed infatuation with Stalinism

Move to a French Die Linke

Left split from SP aids right in LCR, writes Jean-Michel Edwin

Expensive absurdity

Left Alternative has held its first (and last?) annual conference. Peter Manson reports on an electoral front that does not contest elections

PCS opts for talks

PCS militant Dave Vincent discusses the mood of workers following the suspension of the civil service pay strike

Exploring agreements and disagreements

At a recent meeting in London of the Campaign for a Marxist Party, its manifesto's authors spoke. Mary Godwin reports

Brown's recovery and the global downturn

Ted North looks over progressive, Keynesian Brown

Obamania and the left

James Turley sees the illusions of millions reflected in the left

Desperate stratagems

There are no short cuts to working class power and human liberation, writes Nick Rogers

Fighting Fund

Another weekly increase

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