WW archive > Issue 738 - 25 September 2008


Negative; Just like the rest; Beach head; Puzzling; Staying power; AWL garbage; Stalinists; Technicist; Anti-alter ego; 1924, not 1915

Brown hangs on

Jim Moody examines the Labour Party media circus

Left doesn't unite

Well-mannered and inoffensive - the Convention of the Left illustrated the problem the left faces, writes Chris Strafford

Nice guy Dave?

Since he became prime minister, Gordon Brown's standing in the polls has plummeted - but can that guy really be benefiting? James Turley looks at the Cameroons

We can't win alone

A united campaign across the public sector is needed to break through the government's pay limit, writes PCS militant Dave Vincent. But Labour-loyal union leaders are holding back the struggle

Drip-fed capitalism

The past week has seen the spectacular collapse of giant financial institutions and unprecedented state intervention. Hillel Ticktin spoke to Peter Manson about the likely outcome

Bluster and lies

As Alliance for Workers liberty patriarch Sean Matgamna continues to excuse an Israeli attack on Iran, his organisation is descending further and further into irrationality, writes Mark Fischer

Rethink needed

Mohsen Sabbagh saw a wholly unsatisfactory number of demonstrators in Manchester

Science, religion, and language

What does it mean to be human? This is an edited version of the speech given by Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group to Communist University 2008

Socialism and democracy

Phil Kent reports on recent discussions amongst CPGB members on our draft programme

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