WW archive > Issue 736 - 11 September 2008


Book token; Left formation; Pakistani Trots; Endorsement; Necessity; Tosh break; Splitters; Incomplete; No contradiction; Explicit; Alter ego; Usual deal

Learn the lessons of the Fedayeen

This is an edited version of a speech by Yassamine Mather delivered to the September 7 London meeting of the Campaign for a Marxist Party

Nothing in common with those who excuse war

Ben Lewis spoke to a leading member of Iranian Students for Freedom and Equality

SP sides with Barber

TUC rejects strikes against anti-union laws

No strategy to discuss

Dave Isaacson experiences lies and deception at StWC rally

Beginning a necessary debate

Jean-Michel Edwin of the French communist group, Promethee, calls for a serious discussion on revolutionary strategy in relation to Europe

Civil society and human liberation

The US neoliberal offensive has used universal human rights to advance its own hegemonic project, writes Gerry Downing

Bureaucracy and terror

Mike Macnair reviews David Priestland's Stalinism and the politics of mobilisation: ideas, power and terror in inter-war Russia Oxford 2007, pp487, �58

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