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Barbarism; Marxist classic; Lenin started it; Slander; Sectarian; Unpaid advisor; Syphilitic; No exclusions

A bigger share

The One Wales agreement has been the basis of the Plaid Cymru-Labour Party coalition government in Cardiff for just over a year. The agreement incorporates moves towards a referendum on extending the powers of the Welsh assembly. Left Plaid Cymru assembly member Leanne Wood has been accused by critics of putting socialism before nation, of even being a member of the CPGB. Bob Davies spoke to her about the political situation, the question of independence and the principle of workers' unity

Sharp debate and comradeship

Sessions on fascism, feminism, and 1968, and openly expressed differences between CPGBers, were some of the many aspects of this year's Communist University, writes Mary Godwin

Making themselves look ridiculous

Recent resignations from the AWL have underlined the crisis of the organisation - but also the political weakness of its minority opposition, writes Mark Fischer

Capitalism with a human face

US communist Jim Creegan gives critical support to independent Green presidential candidate Ralph Nader

The US, Iran and imperialist rivalries

Nick Rogers takes issue with other Weekly Worker writers in their assessment of international relations and the imperialist drive to war

What is Marxism?

The first draft of the Campaign for a Marxist Party's manifesto has now been completed. Below we publish the second section, authored by Hillel Ticktin. Our paper has already carried the other three sections, drafted by comrades Ticktin, Mike Macnair and Jack Conrad. Meeting during this year's Communist University, the CMP's committee agreed that a final draft will be presented to the annual general meeting in late autumn

Abominable Warmongering Left

Sean Matgamna's fake rhetorical questions are intended as a cover for his open social-imperialism, writes Israeli socialist Moshe Machover

No to great power intrigue

South Ossetia is a pawn, writes James Turley

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