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No mistake; Entryist; Incorporationist; Trots too; Falsifications; Must do better; Garbage can; Distortion; Don't believe it

Capitalist crisis and the tasks of Marxists

Campaign for a Marxist Party will shortly publish a manifesto, which is currently being prepared. This section on the political economy of the current period is authored by Hillel Ticktin

Threat of Israeli nuclear attack on Iran horribly real

Sean Matgamna openly excuses what would be a humanitarian disaster: an Israeli 'pre-emptive' strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. Mark Fischer puts the record straight and tries to get to grips with the underhand factional struggle going on in the AWL

Nation, not class

Mark Fischer spoke to Kevin Bean about the background and objectives of his latest book on Sinn Fein

Betrayed and crossed the class lines too

Sean Matgamna is hardly the first socialist leader to go over to the other side. Jim Moody looks at the tragedies of Plekhanov, Hyndman and Shachtman

Neither AKP nor junta

Those hoping for a new, benevolent democracy to be handed down by the AKP government are in for a rude awakening, writes Esen Uslu

Prop of the British

Philip Ferguson reviews Kevin Bean's 'The new politics of Sinn Fein' Liverpool University Press, 2008, pp256, �16.95

Return to Marx

James Turley reviews Mike Macnair's 'Revolutionary strategy' November publications, 2008, pp204, £7.99

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