WW archive > Issue 730 - 17 July 2008


Historic; Stalinoid RDG; Rotten site; Dig for Britain?; Evolved; Achilles' heel; TV teaching

Tehran changes reflected in anti-war movement

Ben Lewis looks at the newly formed National Peace Council in Iran and warns against tailing such a supine political initiative

Asking the regime to clean out its own filth

While the liberal left calls for bourgeois democracy Turkish style, Esen Uslu demands a working class programme

Max Mosley's morals and ours

Respectable and unrespectable sexual activity are not categories we seek to perpetuate, writes Jim Moody

Barack Obama - a class act

Jim Creegan explains why ruling class support is likely to see a Democrat voted into the White House

Zionism and secularisation of the Jewish ghetto

Mike Marqusee 'If I am not for myself: journey of an anti-Zionist Jew' Verso 2008, pp256, �16.99. Reviewed by Tony Greenstein

Third campism is a stinking corpse

James Turley argues that the left, rather than twisting words, must approach defeatism creatively

Dancing to the US tune

Suddenly, the SWP-backed Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran has no problem in criticising the Iranian government, writes Nick Jones

Salute to a communist

Peter Manson recalls the work of comrade Cameron Richards

Enhancing our flexibility

Weekly Worker production and the imminent Communist University dominated July's aggregate. Mary Godwin reports

Twenty-five and counting

Howard Roak draws out an important fundraising lesson from the Summer Offensives of yesteryear

Council workers need political leadership

Alan Stevens asks where the left's independent strategy is

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