WW archive > Issue 727 - 26 June 2008


Neo-racist?; Referendums; Not violence; Bananas; Vanguard; Proud record; Claims v. reality

Break with Labourism

The Socialist Party's Campaign for a New Workers' Party is about to hold its annual re-awakening, otherwise known as a conference. The June 29 gathering at South Camden Community School will attempt to remind the world that the CNWP still exists, writes Peter Manson

From City Hall to Club Row?

James Turley sees little prospect of future success for Socialist Action and Respect

No friends of women

Yassamine Mather continues her discussion of political islam by examining the women's movement in Iran, its achievements and contradictions

Small green shoots of life

While the state of the left provides grounds for demoralisation, there are reasons to be cheerful. Mike Macnair, whose pamphlet on revolutionary strategy will be published shortly, addressed the June 21 meeting to launch the CPGB's Summer Offensive fundraising drive

Imperialist pose

Chris Strafford reports a Hopi success in Manchester

Faint-hearted praise

Stan Keable examines 'Tibet - Colony or part of China?' Morning Star pamphlet, 20pp. �2.00

The triumph of state capitalism

What kind of society is China? Steve Freeman analyses the facts and figures following his recent visit

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