Fighting fund

PayPal penance

Despite a couple of excellent donations this week, we just failed to reach our £1,000 fighting fund target for April. Thanks to a brilliant £100 gift from comrade TG and £60 from TR, we achieved a total of £961.

Thanks also to JH (whose £20 donation, he says, is a kind of penance for having let his Weekly Worker subscription lapse) and IR (£5). Comrade JH made his contribution online, by the way, using our PayPal facility. He was one of 33,985 internet readers last week.

While those one-off donations are pretty impressive, for the second week running I have not received any further pledges to take out a standing order to the paper. In fact I have to report that, because of a previous miscalculation, the total of extra regular cash is not quite as high as I had thought.

Still, £521 exceeds the target we set ourselves for July, with over two months to spare. I am still convinced we can do a lot better in the time remaining - and the extra financial security would allow us to make further improvements to the content and appearance of the Weekly Worker.

Oh and one other thing - I wouldn’t have to nag you so much.