WW archive > Issue 719 - 01 May 2008


Code applied; Tosh; Think again; Fascist tool; Free speech; DWP fascist; Household; Cold war figures; Bob and Elvis; Get real

'Socialists' and the lies they tell

NUS LGBT conference: Vicky Thompson (Hopi) and Chris Strafford (Communist Students) report

Brown bows to 'cushy prisons' hysteria

Jim Moody counters the mass media's onslaught

Anything but Marxism

Neither social democracy nor 'official communism' offer anything in the 21st century, writes Mike Macnair

ENS must break with AWL's social-imperialism

James Turley looks at the prospects for Education Not for Sale's 'Reclaim the Campus' event

May 1968 explosion and Cohn-Bendit's exaggerated role

In the first of a series of articles Jack Conrad looks back at the events in France 40 years ago

Playing the bullshit game

Mike Mansard draws on his experience as a council worker to dig a deeper into construction companies' rip-offs

Union struggles need political leadership

'Summer of discontent' looms, says Peter Manson

Labourism a stinking corpse - Labourism is not the answer

Ken Crisp looks at AWL efforts to save Labourism from LP leadership attacks by fighting for a Labour Party MkII

Fighting fund

PayPal penance

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